One thing everyone should know about Social Media

excitement2When I was a kid there were no computers in this world. Until I figured out how to use the Social Media, it sounded like a horrid hum of million of annoying kids at the playground shouting all at the same time. So much information poured into my eyes and ears every minute, I found spending most of my time deleting unwanted emails and invitations.

But at the same time it became apparent that people are transcending carbon form of communication. The world has changed. Feeling the vertigo from all this buzzing, bouncing the chaotic information back, wondering how to get a grip on this madness, I searched the Internet and found this book, Branding Yourself, How to use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself by Eric Deckers and Kyle Lacy.
And what a relief I felt!

Apparently, the old school values still do apply, thank God! The distinction is in finding the right place for every kind of group and thought you come across and follow the Social Media etiquette. You want to learn about this etiquette? Get this book. But if you want to learn about Social Graces, click here instead.

Once I made that breakthrough, my senses have returned.

There is so much new, fascinating content shared on these new frequencies of thought, it is a crime not to get involved!