Growing the Documentary

Last week I have been privileged to see an amazing transformation take place in my environment. I have declared for myself three years ago that I will make a film about my experience of trying to conceive (TTC), my emotional ups and downs and the life lessons I have learned from the experience.

While I know myself to be a very dedicated person, and generally successful in my efforts, it has been that much more difficult to accept that my dream of being a mother to a child who is half me and half my husband, Eddie, will not come to be.

I’ve struggled to make headway and create an outreach campaign for The CYCLE, my documentary, but every time I came up to the need to publicize the project, I would hit a wall. All kinds of doubts and worries would raise to the surface, neutralizing my drive to make the project public.

UNTIL, I started making humble attempts to reach out to the people I wanted to communicate with, the men and women who have experienced infertility themselves and were struggling with the aftermath of unsuccessful outcomes.

I was very fortunate to meet Pamela Tsigdinos on the internet. I noticed someone in the community referring to her book, Silent Sorority, and I went to check it out, read her blog, and finally reach out to her.

She was such a helpful friend from the start! As an author dealing with infertility, she went through all of the struggles I am facing, including public and professional indifference to the subject, lack of enthusiasm and resistance to opening the public forums for discussion. She loved my concept for the documentary, and shared it with her readership. The comments I have received were so thoughtful and immediate, so touching and real, they gave me wings!

I feel privileged to work on a project that is needed. I aim to further the line of creators who dedicate themselves to a way of accepting just who we are as people, to giving us a language and a platform to share our stories and heal the pain that lingers. That’s the transformative power we possess!

I am very grateful to Pamela Tsigdinos for accepting the invitation to join the advisory board for The CYCLE, and sharing with me a channel of communication.

If you would like to help with the efforts, please show support by Liking Vodar Films on Facebook, leaving a comment here by answering a question, What was your experience with infertility and why a documentary on the subject needs to be made?

If you are a family member, a friend or a co-worker of somebody who has experienced infertility, please tell us, What was your experience and challenge with supporting such a person?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.