How to deal with Disappointments

gabrielle%20orr%20smile_smallMy dear friend Gabrielle Orr, a woman of many powers, has helped me in the time of great need. Her posts are inspiring, uplifting and very useful. I’m reposting an email I have received from her:

“We have all experienced disappointment before. We’ve been disappointed in ourselves, others, outcomes, the weather, our job, and just about anything else we can think of.

Why do we get disappointed? Is it because people and situations let us down? Well, I know that’s the way it feels sometimes, but that is not why we get disappointed.

In reality, disappointment has nothing to do with other people, places, or circumstances. The fact is, disappointment never comes from an external source.

In the case of feeling disappointed, it’s our emotional response to EXPECTATION.

Much of our excitement and enthusiasm in life comes from eager expectation. We look forward to things when we anticipate a desirable outcome. In fact, often times that excitement makes up a large percentage of the joy we experience. There are some adjustments we can make to reduce our feelings of disappointment without sacrificing enthusiasm. Here are a few for you to consider:


  • Realize: After accepting the unfortunate event that “let us down” we need to realize its toll on us emotionally. We must understand what this setback has done to our confidence and self-esteem. Understanding where we stand emotionally can help us tame our moods and tackle our thoughts.
  • Change it: We must change the way we look at this disappointment. Each time we think of what has happened we must try to make it a positive thought. Find the Silver-lining in every situation.
  • Teach it: The good thing about disappointment is that it gives us a lesson in life. We should use this new-found experience and help others to evolve.
  • Don’t Give Up: If it was a new house we thought was a guarantee or a job we thought was ours, there is no need to give up. I truly believe that when one door closes, another opens. This opportunity may not have been the perfect one for you and if you would have gotten it you might have missed out on better things to come. Don’t give up on your dreams because you never know whats waiting for you behind the next door.

Here are some examples of people who never gave up on their dreams.

Walt Disney:
The man who gave us Disney World and Mickey Mouse. His first animation company went bankrupt. He was fired by a news editor because he lacked imagination. Legend has it he was turned down 302 times before he got financing for creating Disney World.


Albert Eistein:
He didn’t speak till he was four and didn’t read till seven. His parents and teachers thought he was mentally challenged. And yet he turned out to win a Nobel prize and be the face of modern physics.


The Beatles:
They were rejected by many record labels. In a famous rejection letter, the label said, “guitar groups are on the way out” and “the Beatles have no future in show business”.

Vincent Van Gogh:
He only sold one painting in his lifetime! Despite that he kept painting and finished over 800 pieces. Today, his most expensive painting is valued at $142.7 million.

I believe that the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one is that the successful person is not afraid to be rejected.

Wishing you a wonderful and successful week.”

And I join in the happy wishes as I continue to work on my film project, The CYCLE, without the fear of rejection. After all, all worthwile efforts are not easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

All the best,