Possibility of Vibrancy


Amazing Earth from Orbit by Chris Hadfield

I opened my email box and read that SilverDocs in conjunction with AFI is creating a Pitching Session for filmmakers with documentaries in progress. Cool, I thought and immediately went over to the site to register The CYCLE into the program and get the benefit of test-driving the concept in front of a small but very potent group of documentary filmmakers who create and redefine the landscape of documentary storytelling today

In a few short hours since the email went out, the raster got filled up! Well, fingers crossed I can get in somehow, or if not, then find another testing group. It’s always about the trial and error with the creative process, isn’t it? Not just the pitching session, anything really. Anything you want to create in your life is about repetition and improvement. Repetition and improvement. It seems that consistency in the desire to be better is the most important thing.

Take something difficult and make it easy.

Take the easy and make it effortless.

Take the effortless and make it beautiful.

Such is the path.

Rejection doesn’t matter if you have the need to get the story out. If it takes a 1000 blows to break the wall, know that it’s not the last one that did the job, but the 999 unsuccessful blows that came before it.

I’m excited to share the incredible new developments that have been taking place with the Cycle during the last few months since Pamela and I met in late February.

More stories to come soon!