Wow! Where’s that much needed “INCINERATE” button on Facebook?

My husband is Italian raised in Brooklyn. At 5 years old, when terrorizing population in the streets, he ran from the crime scene hearing hearty yells “Ancora!” from the windows of his tenement. “Ancora” means “Again”.

“Ancora!” The word rang in my mind when I saw this advertisement on Facebook. At first, the big fat belly got my attention, then a promise of the SEXY PASSIONATE FERTILITY SUMMIT and finally the reassurance that the cure will work REGARDLESS of your medical diagnosis.

What do you do with something like that?  In a neatly wrapped colorful package that is fun and sexy and joyful oh, and YAM!- (just look at the fertility shakes that come in kiwi, strawberry and blueberry flavours),  the organizers of the summit create a notion that fertility is a MOOD, a form of magical thinking that wills your body into procreation! Just learn how to turn the sexy up!

Boy, I’m all up for the power of positive thinking, but honestly this page attempts to invalidate the whole clinical aspect of infertility experience.

Please, prove me wrong.  I’m curious to hear who are they planning to engage for the summit? I come from a sincere line of inquiry because in my darkest grieving days when I grasped for straws and needed to imagine that I have control over my life I did engage in phone calls with the psychics. However questionable it may sound right now, at the moment of great need and uncertainty, when the ground was slipping from under my feet, a psychic who could read the future was my best friend and ally.

In retrospect, all of the good vibes and prays and chants and blessed regalia and rituals to remove the curse surprisingly did not work. Was I foolish to spend so much energy on asking for forgiveness and digging up the past that had nothing to do with the medical condition I was facing? It was the last thing I could do.

I left a comment on the site. I wanted to address this question,

Curious, are you implying that a healthy diet will cure infertility? And the ones who are not successful at being treated are just not eating right?

I’ll keep you posted if I ever hear a reply.