September 12


Dear Friends!

Today is the day we’ve been working towards for many months!

The CYCLE: Living A Taboo celebrates the publication of a landmark article, Selling the Fantasy of Fertility in the New York Times by two of our Forum contributors, Miriam Zoll and Pamela Tsigdinos, the forum co-producer.

Some people do, of course, become parents through this technology. But we rarely hear from the other side, former patients who, in refusing to give up, endured addictive, debilitating and traumatizing cycles. Those contemplating treatments have a right to know about the health risks, ethical concerns, broken marriages and, for many, deep depression often associated with failed treatments. They need objective, independent advice from health care and mental health professionals focused on the person’s well-being.

Heartfelt congratulations on the publication and thank you for taking us that much closer to our goal! Step by step. Day by day. It is with the consistent, focused and dedicated effort that we can turn the tide in our society and start dismantling the wall of silence and shame surrounfing infertility. Impact a more accurate reporting and create a protocol for social behaviour rooted in tactfulness, education and respect. This is how we’re going to create a better future and in the process, heal.

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