September 25


The last few hours before the Forum opens… We’ve put in a lot of work to make this event come to life, and at this point it’s time to let it go, step back, say what’s on your heart and let the audience come in and create a dialogue. We’re excited to have a small but powerful community of people joining us in this unprecedented first step. The stage is set, participants are traditionally nervous.

I offer 5 complimentary passes to the event for my NY blog readers. If interested, please contact me here.

I don’t think humanity have had a classic drama about infertility. Well, there’s the original one, about Joachim and Anna, the grandparents of Jesus Christ. In those days the stigma was so enormous, Joachim was refused acceptance of his offering at the Temple. So what did he do? The same thing, like all of us. He left the world and went to shepherd a herd up in the mountains. He traveled for a year until he had a divine dream- remember, in those days there were no cell phones, calling him back to the city, to the steps of the Temple where he will be reunited with his aging, ailing wife, Anna.

The story would have already had a happy ending if it just were for a reunification of two broken hearts, but Anna also had that dream, and followed to the Temple as instructed. Soon after they produced a daughter- Mary. Unfortunately, her father only lived another 5 years after her birth, and Mary and her mother found refuge in a monastery.  Anna arranged a marriage for her daughter with an older gentleman of a secure trade- a carpenter. He was to stay a chaperone and provide food and shelter for young Mary.

And off it goes…

Fast-forward to September 27, 2013. Despite the fact that infertility is hard to talk about, because it’s such a humbling experience, a courageous group of men and women are gathering to ignite a public dialogue and to uplift those who are in turmoil of their life choices and struggling to regain their voice. This Forum is unprecedented because it gathers under one roof the patients, advocates, social workers, health professionals, students, writers, authors, artists- it’s a reunion for all who know the depth to their emotion and a classroom for an inquiring mind.

It’s true that everyone wants to live a happy life and oftentimes it translates into only wanting to hear the happy stories.  But we don’t leave our wounded on the battlefield; we bring them home and help them heal. We welcome all to join us.

Peace and much love!

Illustration: The meeting of Joachim and Anna at the Golden Gate by Giotto di Bondone