October 01


How do we reconcile the need to stay uplifted about our chances of conception and the need to protect our physical and mental health from over stimulation and collapse?

In the few days following the forum we have received a lot of feedback from all over the world championing the need for awareness, change in coverage and countering the effects of media selectively portraying technological advancements and happy ending stories. We came away with understanding that we need a healthy dose of tragedies to balance out the miracles to create a more realistic and emphatic landscape.

The Forum made a lasting impression on all of us, including dr. Barad, our panel participant. A lot of vital questions at the Q&A were directed to him. In the aftermath dr. Barad and I began discussing the takeaway reactions, and it became clear that responsible doctors face a true moral dilemma with their patients.

On one hand, its their profession to offer added chances where nature is not cooperating, on the other hand they need to responsibly manage expectations. Repetitive attempts without successful outcomes exhaust our bodies, minds, souls and wallets. Leave us broken emotionally and financially.

If I could see the future, that after 3rd or 10th attempt I would achieve conception, I would feel better going through the rest of them, but as it stands, we have no way of accurately predicting the outcome, we only have the doctor’s prognosis to base our decision making on.

Rather then answering this question myself, I wanted to open  the opinion poll to my readers. This is an unprecedented opportunity to influence the policy of doctor- patient conduct that will be implemented by CHR.

Here are some questions I offer to vote on, but if you feel you can contribute better in a comment format, please do so!

Thank you, and all the best!!!

Please forward this Poll to other people you may know. Thank you for participating and contributing to make the world a better place for all of us.

All the best!