Infertility Survival Guide: a new blog series

NEW YORK, Audubon Terrace—Following a heartfelt response to THE CYCLE: Living A Taboo Forum that concluded in NYC this September (created and produced by Irina Vodar, co-produced by Pamela Tsigdinos), filmmaker Irina Vodar gathers the core network of participants, medical professionals, supporters, press and attendees to launch an exciting new blog series addressing social and cultural dynamic surrounding Infertility and Reproductive Technologies.

“What we’ve learned at the Forum, is that Infertility is a complex issue that remains a taboo for a number of reasons, all of which are comprised into an intricate web guarding privacy, sexuality and emotional capacity of the people involved”, says Irina Vodar. To better manage stress and anxiety in pursuing treatment and its aftermath,  we’re creating a series of conversations with professionals from various fields about the impact of infertility and reproductive technologies at large.  This is what I craved when undergoing treatment- to have a broader understanding of the condition so I could share it with friends and family who wanted to support us during this difficult time but didn’t know how. To have a grasp on the ethical issues surrounding reproductive technologies so i may choose to pursue the treatment without feeling added weight of guilt.

Faced with a severe emotional impact, infertility patients often follow a pattern that is signatory of any grieving process: withdrawal from interactions with society, regress in ability to take action and articulate the source of distress and simultaneous need to have their feelings validated. We hope that the series will provide a blog format digest of concerns and factors involved in grappling with infertility and make it a more relatable subject matter.

The first issue will kick off with Tricia Robertson Bogle, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor, Montclair State University, Women’s & Gender Studies Program, Political Science & Law Department, Honors Program to speak about reasons for absence of emotional support in clinics, existential nature of infertility struggle and some valuable insights from an ethical viewpoint.

Filmmaker Irina Vodar began her reproductive journey in 2007 and started videotaping what she thought would be the arrival of her miracle baby in 2009. She went through multiple corrective surgeries, IVF and surrogacy attempts, and finally stopped the treatments in 2012. Having lived through the experience, she devotes her spare time to building an awareness network addressing the Emotional Costs of Infertility, and is producing/ directing a documentary film on the subject, The Cycle: Living A Taboo. For more information or to sign up for our mailing list please visit