When Andy, a friend of mine,  came to support our THE CYCLE: Living A Taboo Forum on the Emotional Effects of Infertility, he surprised me with a suggestion that the evening reminded him of coming out of the closet experience. The heartfelt stories, shared shame and hope for resurrection, feeling of not being understood by anyone else but those who have lived through the experience rang the bell.  I didn’t realize just how genius this idea was, until I came upon this fascinating video.

Ash Beckham gives a TED talk in Bolder, Colorado on 101 of Coming out of the Closet, any kind of closet.  A rare find for those who have been locked up in a hall of shame and silence; it is a sound, funny,  and most uplifting advice I’ve heard in years:

  • Be authentic – come unarmed and meet people half way

  • Be direct -don’t give them the sense of false hope, it is what it is

  • Be unapologetic – this is who you are, if they’re uncomfortable, it’s on them and their expectations

Have you been wondering how to break it to your friends, family or co-workers about what ails you without upsetting their comfort zone? Watch this video and you may get an entirely new perspective on the situation.

I was away to London this past week and missed you very much. Hope this post makes up for the lost time.

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