December 23


This Holiday season have a Ball!


Dear friends,

Thank you for your amazing support in 2013!

With your love, mentorship and inspiration The CYCLE: Living A Taboo is making it into the 4th year of production and going stronger then ever! The Forum we created united people in a public, heartfelt discussion of life crisis that Infertility brings.

We shared in sorrows and joys with our friends and family, mending what is fractured by Infertility. We honored our stories and found strength in our unique, original, vibrant voices. We met amazing women and men who have survived Infertility and found new ways to live a happy and fulfilling life, celebrating diversity and originality that has always been the hallmark of a master spirit.

The next milestone for The CYCLE: Living A Taboo is to create a 15 min sample of the film. Due to across-the-board difficulties with documentary film funding, I’m undertaking editing of the sample using my own auxiliary powers, debuting as an editor! Hope to be in touch with great updates soon after completing the sample edit in February-March 2014.

Here’s to staying flexible, dedicated and productive!
Best wishes in the upcoming 2014.

Irina Vodar